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34mm Chain Cutter

Chain cutter 34mm for use with ROV subsea, can also be used for topside cutting 32290-DS-001 Equipment Datasheet, CC34

6-48in Split Frame (SF) Bridge Slides series

E.H. Wachs DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame Bridge Slide is a multi-purpose accessory tool slide that can be configured for beveling, compound beveling, J preps, counterboring and facing flanges in your choice of finish. The DynaPrep MDSF Bridge Slide kits fit the previous generation Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame without modification, and can be fitted to the DynaPrep MDSF with the required DynaPrep MDSF Bridge Slide Mounting Kit. Cannot be used where obstructions exist across the Bridge Slide operating area, such as in heat exchangers. More info and models

DynaPrep LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters/Bevelers 75-120 inch range

E. H. Wachs LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame with hydraulic drive is designed for cold cutting, beveling, facing and counterboring on large diameter pipes, vessels and flanges. It’s been engineered to incorporate multiple advancements designed to make it stronger and faster to set up and operate. Picking up where our MDSF split frames leave off, four standard LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame sizes will cover a range from 60in-120in O.D. (DN1500-DN3000). Each machine covers a 15in (381mm) diameter range and will simultaneously cut and bevel most wall thicknesses and materials. The internal, full bearing construction contributes to the LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame's smooth operation and long service life. Spring loaded O.D. (outside diameter) tracking slides for irregularly shaped or out-of-round pipe and vessels are standard, and allow the tooling to maintain continuous contact, producing precision weld preps with consistent lands. A new new CRBM Counterboring and Reverse Bevel module counterbores in vertical orientation, and reverse bevels in angled orientation. The LDSF Large Diameter Split Frame takes corrosion protection to a new level with virtually every surface treated. Its attractive red powder coated finish proudly reflects E.H. Wachs corporate colors. Product line Datasheet Video

DynaPrep MDSF Medium Diameter Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters/Bevelers 2-72 Inch range

As the innovator and market leader in split frame technology, at E.H. Wachs we continually develop new products to meet our customer needs. Our split frames are easier to set up, easier to operate, and more powerful, for handling tasks like heavy wall form tooling. We designed the DynaPrep™ MDSF Medium Diameter Split Frame with accessory modules that vastly expand its capabilities. Building off of our experience with the LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame, the DynaPrep MDSF is engineered to surpass anything available today; benchmarked against the rest and built to be the best. Dyna means power, and E.H. Wachs DynaPrep translates to maximum power in cold cutting portable weld prep machine tools. Our core design principal is power combined with durability. Rugged and highly portable, E.H. Wachs’ DynaPrep MDSF offers unmatched form tooling capability on heavy wall pipe, including difficult to machine high alloy materials. Designed for cutting, beveling, counterboring, flange facing and more, it's available in eighteen standard models for nominal pipe sizes ranging from 2in - 72in O.D. (DN50-1800), with each model covering a generous 6in range. Sold as complete kits or individual components, the DynaPrep MDSF is available in your choice of pneumatic, hydraulic or electric drive. Dynaprep Video More info Product line

DynaPrep SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame Clamshell Pipe Cutters/Bevelers

The DynaPrep SDSF is a pipe cutting and beveling tool used by pipefitters and welders in weld preparation for industrial pipe. E.H. Wachs SDSF Small Diameter Split Frames are the smallest and most compact member of the Wachs split frame family of pipe cutters, and are designed for cutting, beveling and counterboring pipe and tubing from .5 inch - 6 inch O.D. (DN15-150). Like all our split frame, clamshell style machines the DynaPrep SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame is designed to “split” in half to fit over inline pipe, or can be slipped closed over open ended pipe. Six models are available in 1 inch (25.4mm) increments, with additional sizes available by special order. The SDSF is ideal anywhere pipe and tube are arrayed in tight places, such as pipe racks, and finds many uses in power generation, oil and gas and shipbuilding. The SDSF operates on air or electric power using standard Wachs motors and adaptors, and is part of a complete system that includes a broad range of tool slides and accessories for maximum versatility. As with all E.H. Wachs products, the DynaPrep Small Diameter Split Frame is built with our legendary quality and durability for years of reliable service. More info Datablad Product line tooling sheet Videos Pipe beveling

ECC External Casing Cutter

FECC External Casing Cutter utilizes Wachs split frame technology to cut a wide range of casing conductors externally above the wellhead. The ECC split frame mounts around the exposed casing O.D. above the wellhead and simultaneously cuts and chamfers. Ring sizes are available for most grades and weights of the exposed external casing (or drive pipe/conductor) up to a 26” (660mm) diameter, with the ECC 814 AIR being the most common. The ECC is based on Wachs proven split frame portable machine tool and takes advantage of the wide range of standard Genuine Wachs Tooling, requiring minimal axial and radial clearances. The ECC is available with pneumatic or hydraulic drive options. Remote handheld controls are optionally available for pneumatic powered machines. Features: External casing (drive pipe/conductor) cutting and beveling up to a 26” (660mm) diameter Utilizes standard Wachs Genuine Tooling for severing and chamfering Based on DynaPrep MDSF Split Frame technology Requires minimal axial and radial clearances; hydraulic or pneumatic drive Video Product line

EICC External Internal Casing Cutter

Wachs EICC External Internal Casing Cutter Kit is designed to cut and chamfer the casing internally below the wellhead, required for specific BOP installations. It is used in combination with an ECC Kit which makes the external cut required before installing the EICC. Once the external cut is made, the MDSF split frame from the ECC Kit serves as the drive platform for the EICC. A wellhead adaptor is required to mount the MDSF, either our universal adapter or a custom adapter built to your specifications, which serves as the mounting point between the wellhead and the MDSF. The EICC is assembled to the MDSF and lowered into the casing, and can be configured to cut down to a depth of 60in (1524mm). A reversing air motor is required and part of the EICC Kit, run forward to advance the tooling, then backwards to retract the tooling prior to extraction and completion. Features: Internal casing cuts from 7in (179mm) to 13 3/8in (340mm) casings Configurable to cut to an internal depth of 60in (1524mm) Used in conjunction with DynaPrep MDSF based ECC External Casing Cutter Requires universal or custom wellhead adaptor, sold separately Video

Kabel kutter CC0160 (Hydraulisk)

CC0160 Cable cutter Cuts cabels up to 60mm diameter Delivered with hydraulic pump and hoses complete Rental

Kutte og fuge maskiner LCSF range 2-48 Inch

Low Clearance Split Frame Features: • Machine quickly splits to mount around Outside Diameter of in-line pipe. • Parts and accessories interchangeable between various sizes. • Cuts and bevels pipe of any wall thickness. Materials include: carbon steel and it’s alloys: Hastelloy™ and Inconel™ as well as other exotic materials. • Self-squaring pipe clamping system with integrated, close tolerance legs and wide feet for exceptional stability. • Feed system offers low clearance operation with precise feed, for controlled cutting. • Low friction adjustable bearing system provides maximum stability and extended machine life. • Fully enclosed bearing and drive gear system for operational safety Operates on pneumatic, electric and hydraulic NC Split Frame LCSF info Videos LCSF kutting Subsea cutting LCSF Wachs machines in action

SDSF Socket Weld Removal

Precision socket weld removal is easily accomplished with the E.H. Wachs socket weld removal system. Utilizing the SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame as its foundation, our machine are offered in both axial and radial versions, depending on clearances or which component may need to be sacrificed. Fits available SDSF range of .5” to 6” (12.7 to 152.4mm) outside diameter. Datasheet Product line

SpeedPrep Pipe Bevelers Range 0-24 Inches

Wachs SpeedPrep SDB line of small diameter bevelers have been engineered for fast, precise onsite facing, beveling, compound beveling and counterboring of light and heavy wall pipe, tube or casing. Proven workhorses, they set up quickly with a self centering mandrel and chuck assembly mounting to the pipe I.D. Three models are available to prep from .875in-12.75in (22.2mm-323.9mm) O.D. Wachs SpeedPrep EP 424 with the advanced AutoPrep autofeed system is a precision I.D. mount end prep machine tool designed to bevel, compound bevel, J prep, face and counterbore pipe, fittings and valves. Utilizing the revolutionary AutoPrep mechanism that feeds simultaneously in the axial and radial planes, the SpeedPrep EP 424 is simple to use, even for an inexperienced operator. It is powerful enough to form tool from 4in to 16in (DN100-400) through Schedule 160, and will single point from 4in-24in (DN100-600) up to a 6.5in (165mm) wall thickness. Product line SDB Product line EP424 Video EP424 model Video SDB model

Travel Cutter SD

When E.H. Wachs is mentioned, the product that often comes to mind is our famous Trav- L-Cutter (pronounced “Travel Cutter”). First introduced in 1949, this portable milling machine is designed to cut and bevel simultaneously from 6in-72in O.D. (DN150–1800) on most pipe and vessel materials and schedules (optional drive chain sections required for OD greater than 48in). Secured by its mounting/drive chain, the Trav-L-Cutter SD drives itself around the pipe as it machines, producing a weld ready surface. Driving around the circumference of the workpiece gives the Trav-L-Cutter SD an advantage over other machine tool types – the ability to accommodate any workpiece diameter by simply adding/adjusting the mounting/drive chain length. More info Video