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Drilling Machine, Multi-Axial Power Drill 5 1/4»

The perfect drill for industrial applications, the Wachs Multi-Axial Power Drill is extremely versatile, designed to meet the unexpected needs encountered in the field. It is built of corrosion resistant materials and totally configurable. Whatever your application, the new variable speed, Multi-Axial Power Drill will get the job done. Powerdrill Brochure 31649-DS-01 Equipment Datasheet PowerDrill Video

Dual Drilling Machine 42-63» Auto

Dual Drilling Machine Unit, 42-63" Specifications: Tubular Capacity: Clamping 42”- 63” (1066.8-1600.2mm) pipe Drilling: Ø290, Stroke 620mm (24”) as standard. Power Requirements Hydraulic: 110 Liters per Minute @ 120 BAR Ambient Conditions Temperature (-20°C) - 50°C Atmosphere Offshore, Saliferous, 100% humidity Main Dimensions LWH: 4100 x 1890 x 1000 mm Weight net: 1305 kg (2877lb) 34033-DS-01 Equipment Datasheet, DDM 4263