On-site machining

«In order to ensure optimum uptime performance, ongoing repairs are a necessity.»

Norse Cutting’s coldwork services is divided into two divisions: on-site machining and decommissioning. Through our experience, expertise and cutting edge technology – we ensure you find the best way to keep up productivity and longevity during these operations, while saving associated costs of labour, logistics, time and equipment.

Our services and products

Flange machining

Norse Cutting offers portable machining from 2-315 inch, including all types of flanges: Race Face, Compact Flanges, HUB, RTJ O-ring grooves and more. We also offer custom-fit for difficult one-off cases. Portable lathes for machining of OD pipes and shafts. Custom-built machines for well head machining and drilling machines for boring and threading on-site.

Key features:
  • OD & ID mount
  • Custom fit for difficult one-off cases
  • Portable lathes



Norse Cutting offers portable milling machining for cutting and weld removal in all ranges. Mainly in Y & X axes, but also comes as Circular mill.

The product range include milling fundaments and similar with high tolerances where the demand for accuracy is very tight.

Key features:
  • Electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic driven
  • Mounted with magnets, welded or bolted
  • Laser alignment
  • 3D Alignment Report


Line boring and boring

Our services within boring and line boring equipment include the capability for machining holes. Our machines range from 1.375 to 314.96 inches ID (35–2030 mm ID) in size.

We can also engineer and custom-build CNC machines for larger operations. Get in touch for more information.

Key features:
  • Electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic driven
  • Can be used for cladding (welding