Composite repair

«For damaged, corroded and eroded pipeline systems.»

Norse Cutting is distributor of Carbon Tech. Our composite solutions provide several benefits to our clients:



High temperature pipes, up to 232 °C.


Stops corrosion instantly

Repairs pipeline systems, and civil structures.


Engineered solutions

High maximum design pressure. Quick installation. Subsea.



Up to life of field.

Carbon Tech Europe BV

Carbon Tech Europe BV is the established distributor in Europe and North Africa of the premium carbon composite solutions manufacturer and designer in the world. We work closely with Carbontech Composite Systems based in South Africa to facilitate all your composite rehabilitation needs and have been involved in projects with industry leaders globally. Based in The Netherlands, the European center of logistic services, we are able to provide dedicated engineered kits to you in the fastest possible way. Engineering requests can be processed worldwide. We are able to work with staff based in South Africa, Singapore and the US.

Why Carbon Tech Europe?

Carbon Tech Europe focuses on excellence throughout the supply chain, and provides engineering support to both the distributor and end user. After consulting with one of the dedicated Carbon Tech engineers we will propose a simple yet complete design report. Once accepted, we will prepare a tailor-made repair kit and aim for delivery to you within 24 hours.

Typical industries

We know your business. Whether it is in oil, gas and other (petro) chemical industries, offshore and marine platforms, mining and sugar plants, or utilities and (nuclear) power plants, we can help with your specific needs for composite solutions. Together with our partners, we have the right experience and up-to-date knowledge.

Typical use

Typical issues are corrosion, abrasion, dents, leakages. Our solutions are designed and engineered to restore pipeline systems to their original design parameters and allow for the piping systems to operate at its MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) without the need to shut down the plant, unit or system.

These solutions comply with ISO 24817: 2015 and / or ASME PPC-2, Article 4.1.