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The extensive range of Hi-Force hydraulic tensioners, includes both spring assisted and manual piston return, onshore and offshore applications, hydraulic tensioner nuts, custom made tensioners made to exacting customer specifications, along with a range of manual and air operated hydraulic pumps, hoses and accessories. More info

Casing Jack 500T

Casing Jack for use where heavy lifting or pulling is required. Stuck casing Casing removal Casing cutting confirmation Slips bowl 13 3/8" 9332-02r1 Datasheet Casing Jack 500T


Hi-Force hydraulic cable crimping tools are designed and manufactured for crimping bare compression and mechanical connectors, in copper and aluminium, to a wide range of electrical cables including distribution and transmission lines More info

Cylinders and Kits

The comprehensive range of Hi-Force hydraulic cylinders includes a wide selection based on capacity, stroke, single or double acting operation, steel or aluminum construction, bore cylinders and mechanical locking rings in design. For more info check link below Cylinders

Hydraulic Cabel Cutter CC0160

CC0160 Cable cutter Cuts cabels up to 60mm diameter Delivered with hydraulic pump and hoses complete Rental

Hydraulic Umbilical Winch 2T

Umbilical winch for use topside & Subsea, can be delivered with hydraulic hoses on request 9606-DS-01 Equipment Datasheet 1225-15-0040 Umbilical Winch, Arrangement 9606


The Hi-Force range of hydrotest pumps are specifically designed for applications that require pressure testing with water as a liquid medium. Widely used for pressure testing of valves, pipelines and pressure vessels, in various industries including oil and gas, petrochemical and food processing. More info


The Hi-Force range of hydraulic jacks offers a wide range of lifting capacities. Different material constructions and designs. From aluminum jack with steel toe for low heights. For large heavy lifts with steel jacks. The Hi-Force hydraulic jack range offers users a wide range to suit any application. More info


The Hi-Force range of hydraulic nut splitters provide the perfect answer for removing worn, broken or corroded nuts. The flange spreader range offers mechanical and hydraulic spreader options and provides the ideal solution for opening flanges safely in the marine and oil and gas industries. More info

Puller Kits

The Hi-Force range of hydraulic puller sets consists of self-contained and remote-controlled, manually operated, 2 and 3-way jaw pullers, bearing cup pullers and cross head pullers. The series offers pulling capacity of up to 50 tonnes in the manually operated versions, plus from 75 to 220 tonnes on carriage-mounted 2- and 3-way tractors. More info


The Hi-Force range of manual and hydraulic pumps consists of a number of models. The series consists of manual, battery-powered, electric, air and petrol-powered motors. Pumper


The Hi-Force range of rollers are designed to safely and cost-effectively move, install and move heavy machinery and equipment. The range consists of a selection of six different designs, all manufactured to provide a flexible and reliable heavy duty solution. More info


Hi-Force specialty tools include a variety of tools for a variety of tool-specific applications. The range includes hydraulic punchers for heavy steel sheets, punches for electrical control panels and thin steel sheets and hydraulic pipe benders More info


The Hi-Force range of system components are designed and manufactured to provide all the essential accessory products required to complete the required high pressure hydraulic systems. For more info click below link System Components


The extensive range of Hi-Force torque tools includes manual, air and hydraulic powered tools, available in a wide range of sizes and torques. Suitable for use in almost any tightening or loosening application. Which is regularly required in many industrial applications worldwide. More info


The Hi-Force Toughlift Jacking System offers the easiest and safest method of lifting heavy equipment and construction vehicles in the mining and construction industry and railway locomotives, when critical repair work is required. More info


The Hi-Force range of hydraulic workshop presses offers a selection of 25 models with either single-acting or double-acting cylinders and manually operated, air-operated or electrically operated hydraulic pumps. All models have an adjustable work table with additional adjustable top boom adjustment on all models of 50 tonnes and more. More info