Hot Tapping

Hot tapping, or pressure tapping, is the method of connecting to existing pipes or pressure vessels without interrupting or emptying that section of pipe or vessel. This means that a pipe or tank can continue to operate while maintenance or modifications are being made to it.

Norse Cutting has extensive experience in this type of work, and is set up to plan and carry out such operations safely and securely on offshore and onshore installations.

Hot tapp

These operations require good planning and good information from the customer, so submit a request and we will contact you and send forms for hot tapping to be filled out so we can offer the right tool and solution for the job.


  • Tie-ins to pipeline systems
  • Modifications of pipeline systems
  • Replacement of pipeline systems
  • Pressure releases

Funksjoner og fordeler:

  • Avoid costly shutdowns and production loss
  • Operations carried out by trained personnel according to strict safety procedures

Basic procedure used to perform a hot tap.

  1. Install fitting and valve on the existing pipeline.
  2. Install hot tap machine.
  3. Perform hot tap through the open valve.
    A special device retains the “coupon” removed during the hot tap operation.
  4. Retract cutter assembly.
  5. Close hot tapping valve.
  6. Remove hot tap machine to allow for connection to new pipe.
bilde Hot tapping