Diamond Wire

Norse Cutting provides services and pure rental of Subsea Cutting equipment, these machines can be operated with ROV or a complete Topside system with HPU, winches, umbilicals, control panel and everything needed to be able to operate these from Boat or Installation.

For more challenging jobs, we have an experienced engineering team that can adapt and build special equipment where standard saws will not fit, get in touch for more info or challenges that need solutions at post@norse-cutting.com

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Norse Cutting Diamond wire saws are designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipes, casings and structures, with five models that cut from 4in to 84in O.D. (DN100-DN2100). Running on hydraulic power, the wire saw is remotely controlled using the Norse Cutting control panel, NC HPU with integrated Panel or with ROV control that can be operated via zero leakage, hot stabs.

Norse Cutting Wire saws have a unique hydrodynamic design that greatly reduces the centrifugal forces during operation, which means less force wasted in core water and more force directed to cut the workpiece.


NC saws have a unique self-adjusting auto mate system which controls the wire bending and automatically adjusts the feed speed to the cutting speed.


  • Lightweight aluminum plate construction
  • Five models cut from 4 inches to 84 in the O.D. (DN100-2100)
  • Easily replaceable long-lasting diamond wires
  • Hydraulically driven synchronized clamp arms
  • Self-adjusting automatic feeding system
  • Overload clutch for preventing bowel injuries
  • Corrosion resistant with anode protection
  • Mounted vertically or horizontally
diamond wire saw from UI demo on blue stand