Cutting and grouting

Norse Cutting provides services in all types of cutting and beveling services mobile, we have several types of mechanical tools that are user-friendly for assignments on land and offshore.

The most common methods for cutting and grouting pipes are traditional Split Frame machines that are easy to assemble and handle, can be divided into 2 and 4 for easier transport to the cutting site if necessary. These machines can cut and bevel at the same time, if necessary, as well as come with all types of grades on beveling tools on request.

These come in all sizes and up to 120 ”

Options are Travel cutters that are mounted with a chain and have almost no size limit.

Other methods are wire cutting and water cutting, with wire cutting beveling is not possible.

When cutting in harder metals such as Super duplex etc. we have good experience with what cuts best, so feel free to state the tough material to be cut / beveled