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FF424 Flange Facer ID mount

Air powered FF 424 flange facing machine faces from 4in (101.6mm) ID to 24in (609.6mm) OD up to a 16in 150# flange. Fast, simple operation with record grove, RMS 500, 250, 125 and 63 finishes. Kit complete with HD air motor, mandrel, 23 leg extension sets, tool slide, tooling and storage case. Features: Faces flanges from 4in (101.6mm) ID to 24in (609.6mm) OD Record grove, RMS 500, 250, 125 and 63 finishes Kit complete with HD air motor and storage case Product line User manual

SpeedPrep Pipe Bevelers Range 0-24 Inches

Wachs SpeedPrep SDB line of small diameter bevelers have been engineered for fast, precise onsite facing, beveling, compound beveling and counterboring of light and heavy wall pipe, tube or casing. Proven workhorses, they set up quickly with a self centering mandrel and chuck assembly mounting to the pipe I.D. Three models are available to prep from .875in-12.75in (22.2mm-323.9mm) O.D. Wachs SpeedPrep EP 424 with the advanced AutoPrep autofeed system is a precision I.D. mount end prep machine tool designed to bevel, compound bevel, J prep, face and counterbore pipe, fittings and valves. Utilizing the revolutionary AutoPrep mechanism that feeds simultaneously in the axial and radial planes, the SpeedPrep EP 424 is simple to use, even for an inexperienced operator. It is powerful enough to form tool from 4in to 16in (DN100-400) through Schedule 160, and will single point from 4in-24in (DN100-600) up to a 6.5in (165mm) wall thickness. Product line SDB Product line EP424 Video EP424 model Video SDB model