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Guillotine Pipe Saws

Guillotine Pipe Saws The E.H. Wachs family of portable Guillotine pipe saws include models designed to cold cut pipe ranging from 2 inch - 32 inch (DN50-800), as well as solids such as bars stock, rails and beams. Their compact design and easy setup make it the ideal saw for contractors, pipeline operations, refineries, petrochemical and processing plants, and anywhere a fast, safe cut is needed. In use virtually everywhere, they’re strong yet lightweight, simple to mount, simple to operate and simply bulletproof. Videos Norse Cutting Guillotine saws Guillotine industrial saws video

Subsea Diamond Wire saws, range 4-84 inches

Wachs Subsea Diamond Wire Saws (DWS) are designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe or structures, with five models available to cut from 4in–84in O.D. (122–2134mm). Running on hydraulic power, the saws are controlled remotely with dedicated HPU controls, topside control panels or by ROV control operable via zero leak hot stabs.All Wachs Subsea DWS feature a unique hydrodynamic design that dramatically reduces centrifugal forces during operation, which means less power wasted in churning water and more power directed to cutting the workpiece. SELF ADJUSTING AUTO FEED SYSTEM The Wachs Diamond Wire Saw is the only machine of its kind with a self adjusting auto feed system that controls wire tension, automatically matching the feed rate to the cutting rate. With the ability to adjust or stop the feed entirely until the cutting action catches up, it delivers a more efficient cutting action with minimal operator intervention and greatly extended wire life. NC Subsea Diamond Wire saw R2 Subsea Pile cutting